it's a SUICIDE .. !


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    it's a SUICIDE .. !

    Post by to0o0omy on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:55 am

    in a mysterious circumstances .. a 16 years old kid ,was found stabbed by her self in the living room

    in front of her laptop .. no body knew why did she murderd her self ..

    untill the "ksa fbi" found a suicide letter in her lap ..

    it said :

    "im so sorry for your loss .. i didn't want to die .. but i did ..!

    mum , dad .. i love you .. and just letting you know:

    if you ever felt the vase on the table was moving ,or any thing strange happening .. that would be Me!!

    and the reason why i killed my self .. is because no body would play with me ..

    no body cared enough .. no body cared enough to sign in!!! .. and hardy forums has become really
    boring .. and maybe if i died they would care enough to play again ...!!!

    thank you for readin' this .. see you later .. muahahahaha "
    kkkkkk .. i was really bored and i wrote it .. MAYBE if i really did die .. maybe they will play again!!

    NAAAH .. it seems so dramatic ..


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